Irene Kok


Irene Kok is an international prize winning Dutch Cellist. Her main goal as a musician – to connect the music with the audience – brought her to a bright and expressiveness interpretation, much appreciated by the public.

‘Kok is choosing a mild personal tone, where you discover surprising depths’
Volkskrant, Biella Luttmer, juli 2019 

With a specialisation and interest in both early music and folk music, Irene Kok has a broad playing field reaching from the most important concert halls in the world to small chamber music series and jazz clubs. 

The variation of people, surroundings and musical influences are making Irene Kok a touching and interesting cellist. Feeling at home on every stage, travelling the world with her instrument and trying to inspire people by making music. 

Irene Kok got her education at the conservatory in Amsterdam and at the university of Vienna with Prof. Reinhard Latzko. She made her solo debut with the Dutch Northern Orchestra in 2019 with the first cello concerto of Shostakovich with Damian Iorio and will be taking the stage with Tchaikovsky – rococo variations, Vivaldi and Brahms double concerto this season. 

The Chimaera Trio, where Irene is a founding member, will bring out its debut CD in the ‘AVROTROS classical presents’ series – an initiative from the Dutch Radio/TV. The debut CD of her ensemble the Zenith Duo will come out in the spring of 2020.

Irene plays on a Capicchioni cello from Cremona, which is kindly lent to her by the Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation.


Upcoming concerts
Date Location Venue Description
22/09/23 Utrecht NL Tivoli Vredenburg Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra & Maria Milstein Info
24/09/23 Noordwijk NL Oude Jeroenskerk Chimaera Trio Info
29/09/23 Doha QA National Convention Centre Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra
30/09/23 Antalya TR Ataturk Kultur Merkezi Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra
01/10/23 Baarn NL Kasteel Groeneveld Chimaera Trio
Previous concerts
Date Location Venue Description
16/09/23 Amsterdam NL Amstelveld Klassiek op ‘t Amstelveld Info
19/08/23 Amsterdam NL Ponton Prinsengracht Prinsengrachtconcert 2023 – with Paul Lewis, Roderick Williams & 6 cellists. Live television on NPO2 (NL) or radio NPO Klassiek. Info
16/08/23 Vlieland NL Nicolaaskerk Concerten bij Kaarslicht – Chimaera Trio Info
15/08/23 Amsterdam NL RCO- House Grachtenfestival – Chimaera Trio Info
13/08/23 Zeewolde NL De Verbeelding Festival Musica – Chimaera Trio Info
12/08/23 Enkhuizen NL Zuiderkerk With Laurens de Man Info
01/08/23 Castellet FR Place du champ de bataille Trio Immersio – Beethoven, Mendelssohn & Ravel Info
23/07/23 Palermo IT Archaeological Area of Villa Romana Trio Immersio – Piazzolla, Fauré & Ravel Info
22/07/23 Palermo IT Chiostro Steri Trio Immersio – Beethoven, Fauré and Ravel Info
21/07/23 Modica IT Tba Trio Immersio – Beethoven, Fauré & Ravel Info
17/07/23 - 28/07/23 Vienna AT Multiple ICEBERG institute – Trio Immersio artist in residence Info
11/07/23 Amsterdam NL Concertgebouw Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra & Liza Ferschtman Info
06/07/23 Vienna AT Atelier Vienna Vernissage with Reinhard Latzko
07/12/22 Kaufbeuren DE ntb Trio Immersio Info
25/11/22 Berlin DE Kulturforum Berlin Trio Immersio Info
20/11/22 Winterswijk NL Doopsgezind Kerkje Chimaera Trio Info
19/11/22 Veenendaal NL Westerkerk Chimaera Trio Info
13/11/22 Helmond NL Theo Driessen-Instituut Chimaera Trio Info
05/11/22 Mannersdorf am Leithagebirge AT Schloss Mannersdorf Trio Immersio Info
23/10/22 Kempen DE Paterskirche Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra
22/10/22 Leeuwarden NL Stadsschouwburg de Harmonie Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra
21/10/22 Utrecht NL Tivoli Vredenburg Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra
18/10/22 Fulda DE Fürstensaal, Schlosstheater Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra
16/10/22 München DE Herkulessaal Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra Info
06/10/22 Tulln AT Musikfabrik Trio Immersio Info
05/10/22 Prague CZ Rakouské kulturní fórum Trio Immersio Info
01/09/22 Gloggnitz AT Philharmonie Moz.Art festival – Trio Immersio
17/08/22 Castellet FR Place du champ de bataille Trio Immersio Info
10/08/22 Vlieland NL Nicolaaskerk Chimaera Trio Info
18/07/22 - 29/07/22 Vienna NL Ntb Trio Immersio – ICEberg Institute, Artist in residence
06/07/22 Sofia BG ntb Trio Immersio Info
05/07/22 Plovdiv BG ntb Trio Immersio
03/07/22 Burgas BG ntb Trio Immersio Info
30/06/22 Hoofddorp NL Spaarne Gasthuis besloten
27/06/22 Lubljana SI City Museum Trio Immersio
14/05/22 Wiener Neustadt AT Kasematten Beethoven Frühling festival with Julia Stemberger, Christian Altenburger, Dorothy Khadem-Missagh u.a. Info
20/03/22 Dalfsen NL Theater de Stoomfabriek Chimaera Trio & Roza Herwig
05/03/22 Arnhem NL Musis Sacrum Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra
26/02/22 Madrid ES Auditorio National Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra
21/02/22 Izmir TR Ahmed Adnan Saygun Sanat Merkezi Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra
20/02/22 Ankara TR CSO ADA Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra
16/02/22 Tilburg AT Hasseltse Kapel Chimaera Trio Info
04/02/22 - 06/01/22 Vienna AT Recording Trio Immersio – Arthur Yuen
23/01/22 Amsterdam NL Concertgebouw Zondagochtendconcert NKO
21/01/22 Utrecht NL Tivoli Vredenburg AVROTROS vrijdagavondconcert NKO
09/01/22 RADIO 4 NL Concertgebouw Amsterdam Spiegelzaal Zondagochtendconcert – Chimaera Trio
07/01/22 Radio 4 NL Radio 4 PODIUM met Chimaera Trio
07/01/22 Nederhorst en Berg NL Jagthuis -CANCELLED- Chimaera Trio
02/01/22 Amstelveen NL Kruiskerk Bach Recital met Laurens de Man -Cancelled-
13/12/21 Amsterdam NL Uilenburgersjoel CD Presentatie Chimaera Trio
01/12/21 Copenhagen DK Radiohuset hall G. Crumb – Black Angels: Amalie Kjaeldgaard
28/11/21 Terneuzen NL Porgy en Bess Chimaera Trio Info
21/11/21 Winkel NL Lucas Kerk Chimaera Trio Info
14/11/21 Goes NL Theater de Mythe Chimaera Trio Info
13/11/21 Tholen NL Historisch Stadhuis Chimaera Trio Info
12/11/21 Groningen AT Koetshuis Chimaera Trio
10/11/21 Nijmegen NL Concertgebouw De Vereeniging Chimaera Trio Info
31/10/21 Voorst NL Kapel Chimaera Trio
26/10/21 Krakow PL Kraków Philharmonic Trio Immersio Info
24/10/21 Handel NL Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Tenhemelopnemingskerk Chimaera Trio Info
20/10/21 Istanbul TR Concert Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra
18/10/21 Ankara TR Concerthall Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra
08/10/21 Luberon FR Bastide le Mourre Trio Immersio Info
03/10/21 Bielefeld DE Assapheum Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra Info
02/10/21 Monheim DE Aula am Berliner Ring Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra Info
01/10/21 Marburg DE Konzerthaus Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra Info
29/09/21 Middelburg NL Zeeuwse Concertzaal Chimaera Trio
24/09/21 Utrecht (Live Radio4) NL Tivoli Vredenburg Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra with Ronald Brautigam Info
19/09/21 Amsterdam NL Uilenburgersjoel Chimaera Trio Minifestival ‘Meervoudig Mahler’ Info
18/09/21 Atzenbrugg AT Schloss Atzenbrugg Beethoven Septett
05/09/21 Rein AT Basilika Stift Vivaldi double concerto with R. Latzko and ensemble Oberton – Steirisches Kammemusikfestival Info
04/09/21 Bad Radkersburg AT Frauenkirche Vivaldi double concerto with R. Latzko and ensemble Oberton – Steirisches Kammemusikfestival Info
22/08/21 Amersfoort NL Villa de Wachter Chimaera Trio
21/08/21 Amsterdam NL Luthermuseum Chimaera Trio – besloten concert
18/08/21 Vlieland NL Nicolaaskerk Chimaera Trio – Concerten bij kaarslicht Info
13/08/21 Amsterdam NL Concertgebouw Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra
27/07/21 Vienna AT Schönberg Center Trio Immersio Info
19/07/21 - 30/07/21 Vienna NL Ntb Trio Immersio – Ensemble in residence / the Iceberg institute
03/07/21 - 04/07/21 Schipborg NL Outdoor WITHIN TIME – House of makers Info
01/07/21 Passau DE Konzerthaus Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra
27/06/21 Utrecht NL Parnassos Chimaera Trio – Meervoudig Mahler
09/06/21 Reggio Emilia IT Chiostri di San Pietro Trio Immersio – concert on the occasion of the Premio Paolo Borciani string quartet Competition Info
08/06/21 Firenze IT Mulino di Rovezzano Trio Immersio
01/06/21 Hameln DE Konzertsaal Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra
11/05/21 Rotterdam NL De Doelen Chimaera Trio Info
09/05/21 Amstelveen NL Kruiskerk Chimaera Trio
08/05/21 Utrecht NL Parnassos -CANCELLED- Chimaera Trio – ‘De wereld van Mahler’ compositieproject
02/05/21 Hamm DE Konzertsaal -CANCELLED- Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra
17/04/21 Tholen NL Historisch Stadhuis -CANCELLED- Chimaera Trio Info
13/04/21 Moscow RU Concerthall – CANCELLED- Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra Info
10/03/21 - 12/03/21 Mariënmunster DE Abtei Chimaera Trio – cd recording for MDG
24/01/21 Hamm DE Konzerthaus – CANCELLED- Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra Info
17/01/21 Amstelveen NL Kruiskerk -CANCELLED- Bachrecital met Laurens de Man – Piano.
15/01/21 Utrecht (Live Radio4) NL Tivoli Vredenburg Chimaera Trio – Vrijdag van Vredenburg Info
11/01/21 Berlin DE Konzerthaus Trio Immersio – Schubert & Shostakovich
20/12/20 Winkel NL Lucas Kerk – CANCELLED- Chimaera Trio Info
13/12/20 Winterswijk NL Doopsgezind Kerkje -CANCELLED- Chimaera Trio Info
04/12/20 - 07/12/20 Valetta AT Teatru Manoel Trio Immersio
26/11/20 Klosterneuburg AT Pfarrsaal St. Leopold – CANCELLED- ATOUT – DIEGUTENACHT Abschlusskonzert der Klosterneuburger Kammerkonzerte Info
22/11/20 Tulln AT Florahofsaal -CANCELLED- Beethoven septet – ATOUT die Kammermusikgruppe Info


Chimaera Trio

Annemiek de Bruin – Clarinet
Irene Kok – Cello
Laurens de Man – Piano

The trio presents itself through highly varied programmes, in variable combinations. Annemiek, Irene and Laurens are frequent and experienced performers and took the stage at Janine Jansen’s Internationaal Kamermuziekfestival Utrecht and the Grachtenfestival Amsterdam. The trio won prizes at the Storioni Ensemblewedstrijd and the Tristan Keuris Kamermuziekconcours.  Recordings of their performances were broadcast on Dutch radio and TV several times.

Zenith Duo

The Dutch-Israeli Zenith Duo brings a new voice to the classical music scene, focusing on Baroque music and original compositions. 

Inspired by the various sounds of the middle-east, Jewish music, classical music and baroque improvisation methods, the Zenith Duo brings the human voice and the cello to a meeting point that makes every concert into a journey between times and cultures.

Since its founding in 2014 the duo has performed in various concerts and festivals throughout Europe and Israel. Currently they are recording their first album, named ‘YONA’.


Amsterdam Corelli Collective

Amsterdam Corelli Collective are a vibrant and energetic ensemble of fourteen young musicians who perform without conductor.

Founded by Ryuko Reid in 2013, thirteen string players and a harpsichordist were brought together through their passion for baroque string music and historical performance practice.

The ensemble pays tribute to Arcangelo Corelli, whose works were published in Amsterdam. Using his compositions and the surrounding repertoire of the concerto grosso and orchestral string music from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the ensemble inspires fresh performances and programming.

Performing regularly throughout Holland and Europe, Amsterdam Corelli Collective have already enjoyed performances at such notable venues in the Netherlands as the Concertgebouw, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Scheepvaartmuseum and Orgelpark in Amsterdam . In 2016 they won the Grachtenfestival’s ‘Openlucht Podium Prize’ which will see them perform as part of Holland’s major summer festival held in Amsterdam every year. In 2015 they were selected to take part in the Ambronay Cultural Encounter Centre’s Eeemerging Project for 2015. This saw Amsterdam Corelli Collective perform at the Seviqc Brežice festival in Ljubljana (Slovenia), at Ghislieri Musica in Pavia (Italy) and at the Ambronay Festival in France.

In July 2015 Amsterdam Corelli Collective were finalists in the York Early Music Festival’s International Young Artist’s Competition, performing in two sold out concerts in York and featuring on British national radio channel BBC Radio 3.

The ensemble was invited to perform at the MA Brugge Fringe Festival in 2014 and at the Utrecht Oude Muziek Fringe Festival in both 2014 and 2015. All musicians are trained in historically informed performance practice and as an ensemble have worked with first-class musicians in the field of early music, including Guilio Prandi, Alfredo Bernadini, Jed Wentz and Shunske Sato.


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